Our Projects


At ELC, we aim to provide all opportunities so, that they are aware of what corporate world is all about before they step in their first corporate cubicle after completing MBA. We organize various events to enhance their skills hence, making them ready for future.

ELC hosts symposium to provide a platform where students gain knowledge when experts discuss on a topic. The interaction among experts triggers the brain of students to see the pristine field of management which act as a catalyst for their passion in management.

ELC and Universal Business School, the only B-School endorsed by 60 CEOs from all over the world understands why global experience matters in today’s world. In keeping its essence of “Transforming Lives” it brings Global CEO series so, that students can gain from the wisdom of executives who have worked globally.

Getting real hand experience is what separates the classroom learning from experiential learning. To get that ELC organises Industrial Visits to give UBS students ability to see how theories apply in industries. It ignite student brain to see complex process and how management professionals manage it effectively, and efficiently while increasing company’s profits.

When it comes to management education nothing is devoid of “risk”. Even the trip is “adventurous”. Escaping from the monotonous routine students enjoy the freshness of mountain while exploring the unknown part of their surrounding and making memories for life.


Networking, just like connecting the computers via internet, Facebook was born. Similarly, connecting with other management students and corporate leaders, a management student career gets glorified. But the art of networking is yet another challenge, which Networking Concerts will help them to learn and enhance it.

Inter college fest where students from different colleges come in the lap of nature at UBS. They forget their college stress and dance from midnight to sunrise while they network with each other.

Monthly party for the students which is combination of jam sessions, talent performances of song and dance and DJ Nights with food stalls. It gives platform to communicate with other students, make professional friends, and share knowledge.


At ELC innovation is encouraged at every level and the best example is through out student solution program where students’ difficulties were transformed into business models which is run by students themselves. Examples are:

  1. Laundry System
  2. Food Delivery System
  3. Grocery Services