Our Team

Organisation stems from collaborating different members who are part of different teams. Team marketing polishes the event and brand it, Team Finance keeps the accounts and balance sheet balanced, Team Content makes the reader aware about the events and organization, Team Digital Marketing capture the world of social media, Team Event puts the life to all the events, and Team Campus Tour team knows each and every corner of the campus. Thus, together ELC live to its true meaning “Experiential Learning”.

Leadership team defines the organsation and success. ELC is fortunate to always have dedicated, and talented students on the team.

Leadership Team

Tarun Anand (MD, ExCoLearn Pvt. Ltd)

Experiential Learning Corporation (ELC) was formed with the vision of Mr. Tarun Anand, our Chief Evangelist and Managing Director (Fmr. Managing Director of Thomson Reuters, South Asia and Co-Founder of Universal Business School) to create a professional organization built and led by students where they could learn the art and science of management and practice it as well. It was clear to Mr. Anand after having run global multi-billion dollar businesses in over 136 countries and served on the Board of a $40 billion corporation that management education could only be learnt by doing real business and not sitting in a classroom. He was educated in the top B-schools in the world like Tuck Business School, Michigan Ross School of Business, IE Business School and SP Jain Institute of Management and Research where he learnt the best practices in management education. He was keen to empower UBS students and ignite their minds to germinate ideas enabling them to organize themselves in an organization with goals, purpose, structure, teams, leadership and a profit motive.

Samita Chahal (Director, ELC)

She holds PGDM in Branding and Communication with distinction. MBA from Cardiff Met. University, UK. With triple post-graduation and more than 10 years of corporate experience to her credit, she is seasoned professional in Marketing Communication, and Content Management. Pursuing her PhD, she works closely with students to take management education, and student engagement to the next level.

Pushkar Yawalkar (CEO)

Pushkar is described as “Today’s youth, tomorrow’s entrepreneur”. He is firm believer of this thought “Shape up or Ship out” hence, his inclination is always towards self-improvisation and hunt for the opportunities to learn and grow as a skilled professional in the field of marketing.

Along with being an individual with a high degree of integrity & accountability, he is an effective communicator and hold strong Analytical, Leadership and problem-solving skills.

Kriti Khandelwal (Deputy CEO)

She is born and brought up in the capital city of Rajasthan- Jaipur and completed her graduation from Rajasthan University in bachelor’s in Commerce. She started her journey in ELC as a Finance Executive and dedication, and commitment made her Deputy CFO and finally she is now Deputy CEO. She is a graceful Kathak dancer and loves to travel.

Shagun Pandey (CHRO)

She hails from a beautiful city, Renukoot situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh. She completed her B.COM (Hons) from Amity University. She worked as Management Trainee in Human Resources Department under Training and Development cell at Hindalco Industries Limited. She believes in giving a sense, of what, ExcoLearn Private Limited do for its employees. So that they are well aware of the fact that we are approachable at any given point of time. The best experiences for any HRO comes when the employees excel to the best of their abilities, knowing how to overcome all the hurdles and bringing immense loyalty and prestige to the firm.
Human Resources at ELC cares about every employee.

Sasha Aher (COO)

Being COO, she works across various areas in ELC and creates new opportunities for the company to prosper keeping in context the needs of every UBSian. She lives the quote, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” She believes, fresh ideas, new trends in events and entertainment, meticulous detailing, optimist work attitude, presence of mind and passion for perfectionism are just some of the reasons that make an event successful. For her, every event is unique, and purposeful just like every moment of our life is special. At ELC she had customized themes for every event, from stage to table arrangements, from dress code to décor. At Universal Business School, she believes – Event we make an ‘event to remember’. Lastly, she says, “I believe that a leader is as strong as his team. I am confident that our squad can achieve what they have set out to achieve.”